• How it works

    1. Scan

      Spotbot scans every 24 hours or when you deploy a new version. It’s your team’s personal wayback machine [1].

    2. Diff

      Spotbot uses the structure of the page to figure out what changed. It ignores changes that happen all the time, and it learns to ignore specific types of changes for your team.

    3. Notify

      Spotbot notifies you in Slack when it finds a change that your team wants to hear about. You can see right away if a bug made it into the release.

  • Spot the difference

    Spotbot monitors your site and intelligently summarizes changes that it finds. Move fast and let Spotbot catch your bugs.

    Behind the scenes, Spotbot runs a diff algorithm on the structure and style of your page. See an example or learn more.

  • 30 second set up

    Give Spotbot your page’s URL and then sign in with Slack. That’s all you need to do.

    Spotbot will capture your site across many different browsers and devices every 24 hours, or when triggered by the API.